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We provide online IELTS and general English tuition for adults who are looking to improve their English for academic, professional or personal reasons. Your English tutor will design a course of one-to-one tuition that matches your ambitions and helps you to reach your potential. Before your course begins we will arrange a one-to-one interview with you over Skype to discuss your reasons for wanting to study English and plan how our course can help you to get the best out of your English studies. 

Your course will break English down into four skill areas: reading, writing, listening and speaking. By identifying your strengths and weaknesses in each area as well as your preferred method of learning we will be able to devise a course that not only reflects your aims and ambitions, but also outlines a clear path for achieving them.

Each tuition session will focus on one of the four areas. At the beginning of the one-to-one session the goals for the class will be clearly outlined for you, the main part of the class will involve working towards your goals, then the last part of the class will test if you have achieved these goals and suggest ways you can retain and practice your new learning.


General English

The aim of any general English course is to help you to communicate freely in any given situation. Therefore this course will help you to:

  • find work and communicate with English speaking colleagues
  • make friends with English-speaking people
  • use English for academic purposes
  • communicate in England and other English speaking countries
  • understand British culture and be able to watch TV, use the internet, and listen to the radio in English

Most of your learning will take place in the classroom but we will also give you plenty of opportunity and inspiration to take your new found English language skills and use them in the community, at college, in shops and with your friends and family. The true test of your English is not whether you can get the correct answer in textbooks but whether you can communicate with native English speakers and understand and engage with English culture to be found in books, on TV and the internet and in galleries, cinemas and restaurants.

TV Radio Gramophone

If you live in England then you will will be surrounded by general, authentic English we will give you the tools and the skills to engage with it, helping your English to flourish  and with it all areas of your life.


Academic English

Studying a new course in a new country can be very difficult and daunting, even more so if your English level is not quite up to scratch (at the required level). Therefore you may feel that you would benefit from some extra support with your English. To help you gain the necessary skills and confidence needed to use and receive English in academic situations we provide the following services:

  • Essay writing workshops – these sessions will help you focus on your writing and show you areas in which you can improve and how you can achieve these improvements. We will also show you the basic grammar and essay writing structures that are necessary for writing good academic material.
  • Lecture and seminar support – we will provide authentic university lecture material and work through it with you, identifying where your listening is letting you down and providing the necessary study materials to improve your vocabulary, and sense of grammar and meaning, so that you will be able to understand your university lectures better and make more from your course of studies.
  • Vocabulary building sessions – we will help you master the English vocabulary necessary to express yogurself fully in your course of studies, this will enable you to use English to express your meaning fully, exactly as you would be able to using your first language.
  • Subject discussion – we will discuss aspect of your course and help you


Business English

Lantern Languages offer bespoke business English classes for businessmen and women who are in Birmingham for professional reasons. We will help you overcome any communication barriers between you and you business goals in Birmingham and across the West Midlands. Our one-to-one business English classes can focus on:

  • Presentations – using English to present your product or service is essential to and successful business trip to the UK. We will help you explain and present your business in an attractive and fluent manner.
  • Effective communication – learn how to speak about your product in meetings with potential partnership organisations and customers. By helping you to explain and communicate your product to us we will also be helping you to do the same with your business partners.
  • Electronic and written communication – learn how to represent your business effectively in the written word and how to find the correct register in your writing.
  • Getting the deal done – we will give you the English skills necessary to negotiate from a position of strength and read the clues about when a deal is ready to be made.
  • Small talk – no business trip is complete without getting to know your clients and customers and forging the bonds necessary for a long standing business relationship. Being able to form and sustain small talk is a  vital part of your business English language training. We will help you to express yourself in a clear manner and to make your business relationships more personal and friendly.


IELTS course

If you wish to do an intensive IELTS course with your very own teacher to guide you to the score you need then Lantern Languages is the school for you. We will ensure that you are fully prepared and ready for your IELTS exam when the day come. Each IELTS class will be dedicated to one of the four areas of the IELTS exam: speaking, reading, writing and listening. You can choose to study IELTS as part of a class or study one-to-one with a personal tutor who will guide you through all the steps you need to pass the exam with flying colours.

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